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Mother-Daughter Circle

In support of Women & Girls Health Weekend

Mothers & Daughters, Grandmothers & Granddaughters bringing awareness, information, and empowerment to women & girls.


Inaugural Mother-Daughter Circle Honorary Co-Chairs 2012

Audrey Ciancutti & Carol Ciancutti-Leyva, Filmmaker

Cathy Fitzgerald & Jocelyn Fitzgerald

Cecile Springer & Christina Springer

Ruthie King & Amanda King

Elizabeth Altman & Sarah Altman Bumsted

Debra Caplan & Jessica Levenson

Carol Neyland & Lindsey Neyland

Grace Robinson & Danielle Robinson Howard

Margaret Washington & Sarah Washington

Joy Maxberry Woodruff & Jenyce Woodruff

Susan Yohe & Elizabeth Hoover

Mother-Daughter Circle Honorary Co-Chairs

Join one of the following levels of the Mother Daughter Circle:

Advocacy Circle

Ambassador Circle

Awareness Circle


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