Reclaiming our Youth Through

Community Connections IX:

Focus on Boys & Young Men

"Violence Prevention: Focusing on the Early Years"

                                October 20, 2016

The killing of African-American young males is an epidemic.  The health and wellness of our communities are at risk.  We must find some solutions.  Your involvement is needed.  The Symposium is designed to develop a comprehensive approach to assist this region’s boys and young men in finding paths to safe and productive lives.  Your participation will help to highlight the connected issues of various disparities, injustice, violence, education, and drug & alcohol abuse, and move us toward developing solutions.  The goals of the Symposium are to:

  1. Collaborate with businesses, government officials, houses of worship, organizations, and schools, to focus on the crisis facing boys and young men.
  2. Dialogue about various solutions to improve the quality of life for boys and young men.
  3. Explore long term strategies for addressing violence prevention and health maintenance. 
  4. Encourage the communities to Listen and Hear what our boys are telling us

The state of boys and young men impact all of us.  Reality and the statistics are telling us that the problems are

becoming more severe.  It is up to the community to make a difference in the lives of our boys and young men.    We must ask ourselves what can we do in the early years to guide our boys to embrace non-violence and avoid other risky behaviors?  

The topics include:

The underlying themes are:

For questions or more information call:

Dr. Albertha Graham-Ellison at 412-973-9524

Educating Teens about HIV/AIDS, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 organization.

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