Teen HIV AIDS Awareness Day(s)


Teen HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is the Projects activity that brings prevention experts and students together to dialogue and participate in various activities, including art, to learn of ways to protect themselves from HIV infection. As teenagers learn about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections they are given tools to make informed decisions about how to protect themselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Awareness days have been held in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia, PA.  ETAH will be coming to other cities in 2010!


Youth Peer Advocate Program


The Youth Peer Advocate (YPA) Program encourages teens to assume leadership roles in their schools to involve their peers in planning and implementing HIV/AIDS awareness programs during the Month of March.  Representatives from various schools are recommended by their teachers and attend Youth Peer Advocate Training (dates listed below). Students present their school HIV awareness activities at Teen HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.


Focus on Youth with ImPACT

Focus on Youth with ImPACT (FOY) is a community-based program that gives youth the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  As an adapted Effective Behavioral Intervention (DEBI), Focus on Youth targets African American youth 12 to 15 years of age and their parents in non-school settings.  ETAH staff has been trained to conduct this CDC approved intervention and will begin a FOY session in the summer of 2009.

Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Be Proud! Be Responsible! is a small group skills building and motivational intervention to increase knowledge of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and to increase positive attitudes and intentions to avoid risky sexual behaviors among African-American male adolescents.  ETAH staff has been trained to conduct this CDC approved intervention and will begin sessions in the spring of 2012.


College HIV/AIDS Awareness Day(s)

College Awareness Day brings ETAH's approach to HIV/AIDS prevention education to college and university campuses.  Working with existing student organizations ETAH helps increase HIV/AIDS Awareness, promote HIV/STI education, and involve interested students in our other activities.


Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Girls© (HWWG)



                                                Project Hopes and Dreams©


                                                Project Hope and Dreams focuses on empowering youth to understand how they            

                                                can take control of their lives and facilitates participants’ ability to make  

                                                connections about how their everyday decisions impact their education, chances

                                                for survival, health and wellbeing.  The mission of Project Hopes and Dreams is

                                                to renew the hopes of youth and provide them with opportunities to realize their

                                                dreams through creating a safe, supportive environment and youth-driven



                                                Live Life without the Disease Series® for Parents and Teens 


                                                The Live Life without the Disease Series® was developed as a reponse to our    

                                                participants' request that we involve their parents in their HIV/AIDS prevention

                                                education.  ETAH took advatage of this rare desire for parental involvement in  

                                                this age group and developed as series of health related events and activities for  

                                                teens and their parents/guardians.  "Live Life without the Disease" is a message

                                                created by our teen participants during their mural project at our Teen HIV/AIDS

                                                Awareness Day in 2006.


                                                Manchester Reads


                                                Manchester Reads was established in 2012 in response our adpotion of Pittsburgh Manchester (PreK-8) 

                                                to update their library and better address the needs of their students.  ETAH        

                                                collaborated with Sam's Club and CORO Pittsburgh's NEXT Leaders Northside

                                                program to update the school libraryThe project has three components (1) Ready  

                                                to Read (2) Manchester Reads (3) Pass it On.  As a part of Ready to Read, adults  

                                                from the community read to individual elementary school students.